Vesper 247's Top Five Instagramers


From backstage at a concert to an all access pass to their holidays, Instagram is our favourite way to spy on the most glamorous celebrities around the globe.

We have narrowed our favourite celebrity Instagramers to scroll through on a daily basis to our top 5….


We have to represent our British superstar Ellie Goulding now don’t we. This blonde beauty simply oozes ‘cool’ through her pictures. From action shots of her concerts to little snippets of what inspires her, Ellie is one to keep an eye on if you every need to be inspired.


Spice up your life by following Victoria Beckham. This fashionista is all about that high life, showing off her bling and jet setting to far away cities. Here at Vesper HQ we love seeing how Victoria lives her life and who she hangs out with, and of course her style is on point at all times!


Total babe shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars fame will be your new favourite celebrity to follow in Instagram. This sexy actress has a photographer’s eye for perfect instagram shots, scenic landscapes and flawless selfies make up her page. Oh and fun little behind the scenes shots of PLL… Who doesn’t love getting a bit of gossip from Hollywood?!


Keep up with the Kardashians… Well the Jenner… Kendall Jenner has become one of the most popular supermodels right now and we LOVE her at Vesper HQ. Kendall’s social media page isn’t pushed in your face, the model keeps things chill with her page. Not giving away a lot about her life Kendall sticks to model shots and fun candid shots, that are basically editorial ready.


Serena Van der Woodsen… oh sorry we mean Blake Lively…. Is the ultimate fashionista and we’re obsessed with her! Blake’s Instagram page is just what you would expect from a Hollywood starlet, glitz, glamour and a dash of humour. Allowing us to get a glimpse of her designer filled life we can’t get enough of watching as Blake posts her stunning pictures.

So if you aren’t following any of these stars you better get on it! Oh and while you’re at it why don’t you give us a follow HERE for updates on our new collections and special giveaways.

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